Here are a few guidelines in support of our work together. 

  • Think You Might Be Getting A Cold? If you are sick, please cancel at any time prior to your appointment, free of charge. (This is the one exception to the cancellation policy.) A good rule of thumb: people are typically contagious 24 hours before symptoms begin, and remain that way until 5-7 days after onset. Please prevent exposure to your massage therapist and other clients by canceling and rescheduling.

  • Bring Payment Please bring payment to your appointment. Cash, credit card, SpFinder gift card and check are accepted. If redeeming a gift certificate, please bring a copy with you (either a picture on your phone, or a printout.) 

  • Please arrive at least ten minutes early You deserve my undivided attention and we both deserve respect of our valued time. Please be prepared for your appointment and for me to arrive in the ten minute window prior to ensure the best use of our time.

  • Discounts We are currently honoring a $15 discount for rebooking appointments as you check out.  

  • Privacy Your privacy is important to us! Details of our work together are confidential, and we comply with HIPAA privacy standards. The only exceptions include legal obligations including subpoenas, or ethical obligations, as in cases of clear or imminent danger to myself, a client or another individual. If you choose to do so, you can also opt to give me permission to share your information with another provider, for the purposes of coordinating your care with them.